Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

RAINFOREST JEWELRY Collection Winter 2011

Our new jewelery collection is ready.
by Lavinia Stern

Tagua Amulett style necklaces and matching earrings
in new colors with bronze details.

Orchid Flower earrings and necklaces 
14carat gold plated combined with
Tagua Nut pearls in mesmerizing colors.
We love it! 

All our earrings are part of our Rainforest Aid Project. The profits are donated in full.
All other Jewelery pieces, 20% are donated. 
For more info please read on here.

The nuts for our beads are sustainably harvested in Ecuador.
  We support local artisans using fair trade principles.

Coming for SPRING 2011
Our Spring Collection made of Açai Seeds.
Stay tuned!

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Like my new design?

well it's pinkish :)
with flowers..
like my new MOO cards..

and my creating love vintagequeen frame
check out the whole video on DaWanda  frame after frame with shop links.

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

My first Christmas wish this year..

.. is one of those beautiful Advent Calendars

.. just LOVE it ..
just have to have one :) 

filled with vintage jewelery
- how nice is that?!

Check our her very new blog here on

You can win a 50 Euro gift voucher.. 
I would know how to spent it..

Dienstag, 31. August 2010

ever fell in LOVE with a dress?

it's time for your dream dress..
SUMMER SPECIAL ... 25% off !!
only now.
only in a limited number.

take your chance :)
 Marie Antoinette style dresses
summer is fading.. 
we're soon  back with new costumes!
enjoy summer!

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

BERLIN's fabulous MISS UBAHN is coming..

Berlin's first FASHION SHOW in pageant form
13 Model and Designer Teams
Each team selected one of Berlin's colorful Ubahn stations

August 14th 2010
17:00 Spreewaldplatz

Join us at the show!
.. more info soon.

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Ultimate DREAM DRESS..

summer's here. it's time for your dream dress..
SUMMER SPECIAL ... 25% off !!
only now.
july and august.
only in a limited number.

take your chance :)

ever fell in love with a dress?
email me about custom orders.
special treatment in july&august.

love, Nina

oh and check out my JEWELRY collection

special treats as well, enjoy!

Samstag, 26. Juni 2010


we are back :)

we were ill. And after that busy working on the collection, again.
a tough time for the whole family especially our two little kids.

but so far i am making good progress :)

my new dawanda shop is already there and i'm planning the shop opening for 1st july!
not all styles will be available until then, but you will have some pieces to choose and get an inside look on my new work. plus my future plans. tell me what you think!

Lavinia Stern - The Shop

and of course there is a new blog as well - all updates on my collection you'll find there firstup!

Lavinia Stern - Blog

 this weekend (and the following) we are shooting pictures :)

some - long time promised - are already taken
here are the new 'PASSIONATE LOVE - emerald dress' pics

with my sister Jasmin - thanks for your time! and for those beautiful pictures..
check them out! isn't she definitely the Keira type??

she is gorgeous, isn't she?
well both are.. as Samaire wanted to 'meet' the model ;)

(nothing edited yet.. just the pure pictures.. i love the one on the steps with Jasmin only)

and woohoo.!
i even found time to write my entry for dawanda and 's  'ready to green' competition!
missing the pictures :(
but they will be edited today (i'm crossing my fingers it works out)

i even missed to post my birthday..!

 birthday flowers from my hubby

got reminded today. my friend Nadja sent me a cute delayed birthday card - thanks so much!!
yes, i'm too looking forward to our little sewing afternoon, just we and the kids and something fun to sew just for us :)
well i had a small family birthday party - and wonderful presents :)
and yummy cakes.. cherry crumble, red wine chocolate cake and a strawberry topped sponge cake with cream.
so now there it is - i had my 28th birthday on june 15th!
and we are planning on a double (markus and me) birthday party with our friends next saturday
looking forward to :)

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010


it has been some time..
i was busy working on my upcoming autumn 2010 collection :)

and still working on..

we also had some time off, we love the upcoming summer weather!!
and after having some fresh air around your nose and a good sun kiss all day, working is easier at night :)

 enjoy the pics i took outside.. 


 .. aren't they cute? on our balcony

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

happy birthday to you.. my love

a very happy and special 30th birthday!

the big three-oh.. or ohhh..right? love you so much. for another 30 or 40 or even more years together.

hey wedding day next month - has it been 5 years already ??!  :)

and do you remember these moments? just a year ago..

our next to favorite place.. luisenpark mannheim.. we spent many joyful hours there.

hey.. it was warmer these days!! so where is summer??!
hello? it used to be summer in time for our birthdays..
yes.. i'm next yipeeh..! only two weeks to go and i made a BIG wishlist :)

but today.. it's still yours, lover, so PARTY!

Montag, 31. Mai 2010

feathered wedding..

i  have a new dress listed!
check out my new SWAN LAKE wedding dress..

and get enchanted.. :)

daniela, thanks for the the beautiful pictures!

Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

show your colors!

i signed up for 'farbe bekennen 2010'

"commit to color" is a design project. Every week you have to design a motive with a specific color. The project lasts 30 weeks.everyone can join in, no limits to your creativity. check it out on farbe bekennen 2010!

and here's my first color project RED .. i decided to make a cute little RED RIDING HOOD !

my daughter samaire enjoying her featherlight silk velvet riding hood

if anyone is interested a riding hood for his or her daughter, email me.

Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

LIVe in AQUA.. summer's coming

i haven't posted in ages! sorry. i was sewing a lot, setting new objectives for future business plans, ..
 here what's NEW!

dawanda and are hosting a competition named 'READY TO GREEN'

DaWanda and are both interested in discovering fashion which is not only ethically-minded, but also has a great design and sense of style. They want to promote these ideas amongst young creatives and up-and-coming fashion designers over the long term by launching an annual fashion prize. In addition to being a great way to promote talented designers, the prize seeks to make the public aware of the importance and appeal of green fashion. ...'

if you are interested please read on here

i would definitely love to enter but the deadline is only a month from now. quite difficult to fill all the criteria to a standard i would approve with myself. but READY TO GO GREEN next year!!

another dawanda involved event

'wedding dress' for the fifth time - the festival of urban fashion and lifestyle
this is an event for your calendar grab your clothes and plan a trip to berlin. go for a vacation through art, fashion and jewelry. mark july 10th and don't miss this chance to meet young extraordinary designers!

i was planning to be there as a designer myself. i was even lucky, the team liked my work, but as i'm a one woman business at the moment, i couldn't finish enough pieces for july. i just discovered wedding dress myself last week.. but i'm fallen with the idea of  the festival and will participate as a designer next year!
yes, another date for next year!

they liked my stuff.. so why not give it a try?

 i have a new listing in my dawanda shop - a new silk velvet blazer named LIV. i love love love silk velvet, you can just cuddle into it, i love its touch!
so here it is, my first silk velvet blazer! more jackets and beautiful short coats to come. all pieces hand-dyed finest silk velvet. with only partly lining for a more airy feeling. a must have for upcoming summer!
do you like how the AQUA color turned out?
a special thanks to jasmin for letting me shoot those pictures! i think they turned out gorgeous..
well thank you so much for being my model and sister :)

you are free to order any color variation you can think of!

size xs-s-m-l
other sizes are possible, just ask. i send out fabric swatches if anyone is interested.
like it? let me know.. thanks!

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

and the GIVEAWAY WINNER is...

here some news about my shop..
i have a new dress listed, check it out!!

stuff for a fairy tale princess

like it? please leave comments about my new creation, thanks!

hello out there!
yep.. i'm sure you're looking for the giveaway winner, right?
141 of you entered thanks for that! you made giveaway day a little more fun :)

it was so very difficult to choose a winner, there were so many of you with good ideas why they should win my  necklace..
there were..
meghan from seattle who wanted to wear it for her wedding

carla from manitoba, canada who has a new baby and wanted something for herself

cami from palma de mallorca, spain, is expecting her first baby girl in august, cami had the idea to hand the necklace down to her when she's older - nice one!

or little emily, 9 years old from usa, she has her own blog!.. check it out:
who said ' I'm feeling lucky today.'

lindsay from virginia was reminded of her grandmother, she wore something similar.

t.a.w. from texas wanted the necklace not for herself, but for her grandmother who's 95th birthday is coming up!

.. and there are so many more.. 

well, here's our lucky WINNER

JADDY said..

i would love this necklace as it is absolutely stunning and elegant, and because i have been meaning to wear more vintage and do more second hand shopping. this would be a great way for me to find my way into a great style!
also, i have just become pregnant with my first baby. i was feeling so rotten these last 3 months that i totally neglected my sense of style, as i would just throw on whatever clothes were closest to my bed! now i am feeling better and want to start making more of an effort again to look stylish again - this necklace would definitely help :-)

well girl, you made it! you won my giveaway necklace!

thanks to you all for entering!!
well keep on following my blog i appreciate it.. i will post shop specials from time to time, maybe even giveaways as it was so much fun!
until then or until next giveaway day hosted by sew mama sew.. i will sign up again!

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

celebrate GIVEAWAY DAY with me!

'sew mama sew' is hosting giveaway day today monday, 17th! 

i signed up.. check out my specially made renaissance style necklace. 
hope you all like it and comment on it quite a lot.. 
tell me why you should get this
unique pearl necklace with rhinestone amulet and organza ribbon fastening!
the best comment wins! i ship internationally.
jump into the lottery by leaving a comment HERE until may 20th midnight
- the winner will be drawn by lot!

good luck and have fun!!


'sew mama sew' organisiert giveaway day, heute 17. mai!
ich mache mit.. und hab extra eine neue renaissance style kette für euch
ich hoffe sie gefällt euch und ihr schreibt eine menge comments!
schreibt mir, warum ihr die kette bekommen solltet!
eine einzigartige perlenkette mit rhinestone amulett und organzaschleifen verschluss. ich verschicke weltweit. 
der beste comment gewinnt!
der gewinner wird per los gezogen!
hinterlasst einfach bis zum 20.mai mitternacht einen kommentar um teilzunehmen!
viel glück und viel spass!

try and win this necklace!

comment here until 20th may, midnight -
the winner will be drawn by lot!

schreibt eure comments bis mitternacht am 20.mai -
der gewinner wird ausgelost!


Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

love you!

a very special daddy's day, my love. i love you. you are the best dad and husband we could wish for!
thank you.
einen ganz besonderen vatertag, mein liebster. ich liebe dich. du bist der beste daddy und ehemann, den wir uns wünschen können! danke.

samaire and dad

and yes, you can have that rhubarb crumble today .. maybe a new mother's day, father's day tradition? i'm glad you liked it as much as i.

und ja, du bekommst heute rhabarber crumble.. vielleicht eine neue muttertags, vatertags tradition? ich freu mich, dass es dir auch so gut schmeckt.

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

one special dress!

my first dawanda selling - yipeeh!
thanks amelie!
dawanda shop opening was 1st May and today only ten days later.. my first dress sold. and surely more to come!!

mein erster dawanda verkauf - yipeeh!
danke amelie!
mein dawanda shop hat am 1.Mai eröffnet und heute, nur zehn tage später ist mein erstes kleid verkauft. und es werden sicherlich noch mehr!!

 my ♥ Passion Love ♥ emerald dress
mein ♥ Passion Love ♥ smaragd kleid

i wanted to share my joy with you for starting a whole new shop and getting my first customer. this is very special to me. i'm coming back to business after my baby break with my two toddlers, daughter samaire (3 years) and son jaedan (17 months). i love my job. i love to sew. i love to design. i love to create beautiful new things. and i always wanted to share this love with my kids. not only those little sweet handicrafts little girls like (a new cuddle friend or a ruffled pants) but the real thing. now it's time, i started it.

ich wollte meine freude mit euch teilen einen ganz neuen shop eröffnet zu haben. nun mit seinem ersten kunden. das ist etwas besonders für mich. nach meiner baby pause mit meinen zwei süssen kids, tochter samaire (3 Jahre) und sohn jaedan (17 monate), komme ich zurück ins geschäftsleben. ich liebe meine arbeit. ich liebe es zu nähen. ich liebe es zu designen. ich liebe es wunderschöne neue sachen zu entwerfen. und ich wollte diese liebe immer mit meinen kindern teilen. nicht nur diese kleinen näharbeiten, die kleine mädchen mögen, einen neuen kuschelfreund oder eine neue röschenhose, sondern die aufwendingen gewichtigeren arbeiten. jetzt ist es soweit, ich habe angefangen ihnen ein teil dieser welt zu zeigen.

a nice day to you all, until soon!

einen schönen tag euch allen, bis bald!

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

kitchen sunday ...

where is my sunny sunday? ...
what a rainy mother's day!

wo ist nur mein sonniger sonntag?
was für ein verregneter Muttertag!

our first rhubarb this year - doesn't it look so sour sweet delicious?
unser erster rhabarber dieses jahr - sieht er nicht so lecker sauer und süss aus?

so i decided to stay at home with our two kids and have a busy kitchen sunday and do all the yummy baking stuff .. daddy is working so we have all the time.
first up, rhubarb crumble.. mhmmm.. yummy. with sponge cake muffins and double cream. heavenly! one of my favorites.. i so do love rhubarb!

ich hab mich entschieden mit unseren beiden kids zuhause zu bleiben und einen arbeitsreichen küchensonntag zu starten mit all dem leckerern backspass ..daddy muss noch arbeiten, da können wir uns zeit lassen.
zuerst einmal rhabarber crumble (ein leckerer streuselauflauf, 'crumble' = streusel).. mhmmm.. so lecker. mit biskuit muffins und extra sahne. himmlisch! eins meiner lieblingsrezepte.. ich liebe rhabarber!

i have to make this more often.. 
ich muss das öfter mal machen..

our two sweethearts were tasting everything and adorable little kitchen helpers. and this for hours! i guess this is my special mother's day gift.
unsere zwei süssen mussten alles probieren und waren entzückende kleine küchenhelfer. und das für stunden! ich glaube das war ein spezielles muttertagsgeschenk.

samaire and jaedan

can't wait
kann's nicht abwarten


next up, rhubarb jam. better rhubarb and strawberry plus navel orange jam! tried it, love it!
only two jars.. as it wasn't planned.. but i'm already looking forward to a hot cup latte macchiatto with croissant and jam.. maybe for breakfast some time next week.

und als nächstes, rhabarber marmelade. oder noch besser rhabarber und erdbeer plus navel orangen marmelade! ausprobiert und es schmeckt! hat zwar nur für zwei gläser gereicht.. war ja nicht geplant.. aber es hat sich schon jetzt gelohnt.. freu mich schon auf einen leckeren latte macchiatto mit croissant und marmelade.. vielleicht irgendwann nächste woche zum frühstück.

rhubarb jam

then i made a flaky pastry lasagna with feta cheese and a tomato soup for lunch. samaire was all 'we have to make this more often, mummy, it's so delicious!' and jace ate a whole bowl soup. even my hubby has joined us (no more articles for today!)

dann hab ich eine blätterteig lasagne mit feta und tomatensuppe zu mittag gemacht, samaire war ganz aus dem häuschen "wir müssen das öfter mal machen, mummy, es ist sooo lecker!" und jace hat eine ganze schale voll suppe gefuttert. sogar mein mann hat uns gesellschaft geleistet (für heute alle artikel erledigt!)

soup and pastry

in the late afternoon we went out for a walk. but only a short  one.. yes, still too wet. only a short visit at the near stud. there was a show jumping tournament this weekend, samaire wanted to go and look at some horses. but it was already too late, only the after tournament fries and sausages so we went home quickly - we were definitely full. samaire announced, but next time we go sooner and we don't eat that much, then we can have something to eat there, ok? kids..

it was really a nice day. and we got a late surprise visitor.

am späten nachmittag waren wir dann doch noch für einen spaziergang draußen. aber nur ein kurzer.. ja, immer noch so nass. nur ein kurzer stop bei dem nahen gestüt. da war dieses wochenende ein springreitturnier, samaire wollte hin und ein bisschen pferde gucken. aber wir waren schon zu spät dran, nur noch die nachfeierlichkeiten mit pommes frites und würstchen, also schnell nach hause - wir waren sowas von satt. samaire hat angekündigt, dass wir nächstes mal früher hin müssen und dann dürfen wir auch vorher nicht so viel essen, damit wir dann dort was essen können. kinder..

es war wirklich ein schöner tag. und wir haten einen späten überraschungsgast.

a very happy mother's day to all you mamas out there!
einen schönen muttertag wünsche ich all euch mamas da draußen!