Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

and the GIVEAWAY WINNER is...

here some news about my shop..
i have a new dress listed, check it out!!

stuff for a fairy tale princess

like it? please leave comments about my new creation, thanks!

hello out there!
yep.. i'm sure you're looking for the giveaway winner, right?
141 of you entered thanks for that! you made giveaway day a little more fun :)

it was so very difficult to choose a winner, there were so many of you with good ideas why they should win my  necklace..
there were..
meghan from seattle who wanted to wear it for her wedding

carla from manitoba, canada who has a new baby and wanted something for herself

cami from palma de mallorca, spain, is expecting her first baby girl in august, cami had the idea to hand the necklace down to her when she's older - nice one!

or little emily, 9 years old from usa, she has her own blog!.. check it out:
who said ' I'm feeling lucky today.'

lindsay from virginia was reminded of her grandmother, she wore something similar.

t.a.w. from texas wanted the necklace not for herself, but for her grandmother who's 95th birthday is coming up!

.. and there are so many more.. 

well, here's our lucky WINNER

JADDY said..

i would love this necklace as it is absolutely stunning and elegant, and because i have been meaning to wear more vintage and do more second hand shopping. this would be a great way for me to find my way into a great style!
also, i have just become pregnant with my first baby. i was feeling so rotten these last 3 months that i totally neglected my sense of style, as i would just throw on whatever clothes were closest to my bed! now i am feeling better and want to start making more of an effort again to look stylish again - this necklace would definitely help :-)

well girl, you made it! you won my giveaway necklace!

thanks to you all for entering!!
well keep on following my blog i appreciate it.. i will post shop specials from time to time, maybe even giveaways as it was so much fun!
until then or until next giveaway day hosted by sew mama sew.. i will sign up again!

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