Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

LIVe in AQUA.. summer's coming

i haven't posted in ages! sorry. i was sewing a lot, setting new objectives for future business plans, ..
 here what's NEW!

dawanda and are hosting a competition named 'READY TO GREEN'

DaWanda and are both interested in discovering fashion which is not only ethically-minded, but also has a great design and sense of style. They want to promote these ideas amongst young creatives and up-and-coming fashion designers over the long term by launching an annual fashion prize. In addition to being a great way to promote talented designers, the prize seeks to make the public aware of the importance and appeal of green fashion. ...'

if you are interested please read on here

i would definitely love to enter but the deadline is only a month from now. quite difficult to fill all the criteria to a standard i would approve with myself. but READY TO GO GREEN next year!!

another dawanda involved event

'wedding dress' for the fifth time - the festival of urban fashion and lifestyle
this is an event for your calendar grab your clothes and plan a trip to berlin. go for a vacation through art, fashion and jewelry. mark july 10th and don't miss this chance to meet young extraordinary designers!

i was planning to be there as a designer myself. i was even lucky, the team liked my work, but as i'm a one woman business at the moment, i couldn't finish enough pieces for july. i just discovered wedding dress myself last week.. but i'm fallen with the idea of  the festival and will participate as a designer next year!
yes, another date for next year!

they liked my stuff.. so why not give it a try?

 i have a new listing in my dawanda shop - a new silk velvet blazer named LIV. i love love love silk velvet, you can just cuddle into it, i love its touch!
so here it is, my first silk velvet blazer! more jackets and beautiful short coats to come. all pieces hand-dyed finest silk velvet. with only partly lining for a more airy feeling. a must have for upcoming summer!
do you like how the AQUA color turned out?
a special thanks to jasmin for letting me shoot those pictures! i think they turned out gorgeous..
well thank you so much for being my model and sister :)

you are free to order any color variation you can think of!

size xs-s-m-l
other sizes are possible, just ask. i send out fabric swatches if anyone is interested.
like it? let me know.. thanks!

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