Samstag, 26. Juni 2010


we are back :)

we were ill. And after that busy working on the collection, again.
a tough time for the whole family especially our two little kids.

but so far i am making good progress :)

my new dawanda shop is already there and i'm planning the shop opening for 1st july!
not all styles will be available until then, but you will have some pieces to choose and get an inside look on my new work. plus my future plans. tell me what you think!

Lavinia Stern - The Shop

and of course there is a new blog as well - all updates on my collection you'll find there firstup!

Lavinia Stern - Blog

 this weekend (and the following) we are shooting pictures :)

some - long time promised - are already taken
here are the new 'PASSIONATE LOVE - emerald dress' pics

with my sister Jasmin - thanks for your time! and for those beautiful pictures..
check them out! isn't she definitely the Keira type??

she is gorgeous, isn't she?
well both are.. as Samaire wanted to 'meet' the model ;)

(nothing edited yet.. just the pure pictures.. i love the one on the steps with Jasmin only)

and woohoo.!
i even found time to write my entry for dawanda and 's  'ready to green' competition!
missing the pictures :(
but they will be edited today (i'm crossing my fingers it works out)

i even missed to post my birthday..!

 birthday flowers from my hubby

got reminded today. my friend Nadja sent me a cute delayed birthday card - thanks so much!!
yes, i'm too looking forward to our little sewing afternoon, just we and the kids and something fun to sew just for us :)
well i had a small family birthday party - and wonderful presents :)
and yummy cakes.. cherry crumble, red wine chocolate cake and a strawberry topped sponge cake with cream.
so now there it is - i had my 28th birthday on june 15th!
and we are planning on a double (markus and me) birthday party with our friends next saturday
looking forward to :)

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010


it has been some time..
i was busy working on my upcoming autumn 2010 collection :)

and still working on..

we also had some time off, we love the upcoming summer weather!!
and after having some fresh air around your nose and a good sun kiss all day, working is easier at night :)

 enjoy the pics i took outside.. 


 .. aren't they cute? on our balcony

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

happy birthday to you.. my love

a very happy and special 30th birthday!

the big three-oh.. or ohhh..right? love you so much. for another 30 or 40 or even more years together.

hey wedding day next month - has it been 5 years already ??!  :)

and do you remember these moments? just a year ago..

our next to favorite place.. luisenpark mannheim.. we spent many joyful hours there.

hey.. it was warmer these days!! so where is summer??!
hello? it used to be summer in time for our birthdays..
yes.. i'm next yipeeh..! only two weeks to go and i made a BIG wishlist :)

but today.. it's still yours, lover, so PARTY!